AGC.pdf Central Ohio Associated General Contractors is a commercial construction trade association serving general contractors, specialty contractors and suppliers within a fourteen county area throughout Central Ohio. Our primary objectives are to promote high standards of contractor practices and conduct, foster cooperative relations and continue to support quality construction in the Central Ohio area. Central Ohio AGC offers complete representation and service for its members at the local, state and national levels.The AGC negotiates labor contracts covering the Central Ohio area. The division staff serves on various industry committees, in management positions. In its continuing effort to bring skilled craftspeople to the industry through the apprenticeship programs, the AGC hopes to avoid the shortage of workers predicted over the next several years.

Additionally, AGC members can participate in the AGC of Ohio's group workers' compensation program and realize savings on their insurance premiums. Conference and training facilities, equipped with big screen TV for video presentations, are available for members' seminars and meetings usage. The division has always been supportive and protective of contractors rights and has engaged in many battles to preserve these rights. The association maintains close contact with members through various publications. Hard Hat newsletter and safety alerts ensure that members are kept up-to-date on what's happening on the local and national levels in the industry.
In essence, this is what the association is about: contractors of skill, responsibility and integrity upholding ethical practices in the construction industry.